Senior Home Care & Elder Care Services

We try to match every caregiver with specific needs and a lifestyle of the client. Our Caregivers speak English, Italian, Russian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Greek, Turkish, Polish. Our overall goal is for every person in need to have a capable and available friend.
Caregivers are certified HHA (Home Health Aides) or CNA (Certified Nurse Assistants). They provide daily, round-the-clock supervision, with continuous monitoring and coordination of daily living. Our services will delay or help prevent institutionalization with the benefit of staying in your own home.


We are here to extend a helping hand along the journey of life and fill every day with new experiences and joy.


Rest assured that our caregivers will do anything and everything to empower your loved ones to make them feel accepted and included.


We make sure our clients stay engaged in order to keep their bodies moving, brains active and spirits lifted

Our Commitment To You

A dependable, compassionate presence you can trust.

Here For You Always

We know that it can be overwhelming to welcome a stranger into the home. Because of that, we train our professionals not just on high-quality care but on interpersonal relationships as well.
  • Advanced age
  • Dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • Degenerative disorders, such as MS or ALS
  • Post-surgery, including cosmetic, joint replacement, or heart surgery
  • Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, COPD, or cancer
  • Hospice care
Let us help you care for your loved one living with dementia!

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