March 24, 2020

Humanity evolves like virus, nations & citizens arise with aid

In Turkey, instead of stockpiling toilet paper and hot-pockets; compassion is shown as food is left on the streets for those that are in need. The video and empathy shown for those that still need food and shelter, while unable to work, is heartfelt.

Turkish citizens come together to help fellow neighbors.

Like any good virus, evolution needs to occur in order to maintain survival. Also worth noting, despite Stephen King novels, a good virus will NOT kill all of its hosts. It’s main function, is survival.

Like COVID-19, humanity seems to evolve as it always should, albeit slower than the virus this past week. As Iran shunned Indian’s in Iran, India sent a kinder message back to the Islamic Regime; Indian doctors and mobile laboratory’s were sent to assist Iran during this disaster.

The Cuban people also came to the rescue, sending resources to Italy as that country has seen devestation in its hospital capacity as well as death toll.

Moscow, Russia sends resources to Italy to help combat COVID-19.

Covid-19 or coronavirus is a diseased caused by SARS-CoV2. The virus will soon reach 400,000 people worldwide (Johns Hopkins) that have been infected.

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